Pyrrhosoma elisabethae

Kείμενο Κόκκινου Βιβλίου: 


Κατηγορία κινδύνου: 
1α. Επιστημονικό όνομα: 
Pyrrhosoma elisabethae Schmidt, 1948
1β. Συνώνυμα: 

Pyrrhosoma nymphula

1γ. Ελληνικό κοινό όνομα: 
1δ. Αγγλικό κοινό όνομα: 
Greek red damselfly
2α. Τάξη: 
2β. Οικογένεια: 
3i. Εξάπλωση: 

Αλβανία, Ελλάδα.
Στην Ελλάδα: Πελοπόννησος, Ιόνια.

3α. Κατηγορία κινδύνου: 
Τρωτά (VU), CR globally.
3β. Κριτήρια: 
A2c+4c; B1ab(iii)+2ab(iii)
4. Αιτιολόγηση της αξιολόγησης: 

P. elisabethae occurs in a small area where its habitat is under severe pressure. It is currently assessed as Vulnerable as the population size is believed to be declining, possibly at a rate of 30% over the last 10 years and this is likely to continue, but this is not certain. Currently only seven locations are known occupying less than 20 km². Extant of occurrence is less than 20,000 km².

6. Πληθυσμιακές τάσεις: 
7. Ημερομηνία αξιολόγησης: 
8α. Αξιολογητές: 
8β. Ελεγκτές: 
9. Αιτιολόγηση - 9α. Ταξινόμηση: 


9β. Γεωγραφική εξάπλωση: 

In total, six localities of P. elisabethae are known in Greece: three on the northern part of the Peloponnisos (Greece), three from Kérkira (Greece; Corfu).

9γ. Πληθυσμός: 

Current population size is unknown.

9δi. Ενδιαίτημα και οικολογία (κείμενο): 

Information on the habitat is scarce. In the mountains of the Peloponnisos the species was found at brooklets with clear, cool water and rich vegetation. In the coastal plains of Kérkira P. elisabethae was found in a ditch and in a slow flowing river.

9εi. Απειλές (κείμενο): 

A further decline of this species is anticipated, as it is mainly present brooks, which are under severe pressure in large parts of Greece. The species is known from only a limited number of populations from a relatively small area. Extinction of this species in parts of its already limited range is not unlikely.

9στ. Kαθεστώς προστασίας: 

Δεν προστατεύεται από τη νομοθεσία.

9ζ. Χρήση: 

Συλλογή νεκρών δειγμάτων για αναψυχή και εμπόριο στη διεθνή αγορά.

10. Βιβλιογραφία: 

Kalkman, V.J. and Lopau, W. 2006. Identification of Pyrrhosoma elisabethae with notes on its distribution and habitat (Odonata: Coenagrionidae). International Journal of Odonatology 9 (2):175-184.

Kalkman, V.J. 2006. Pyrrhosoma elisabethae. In: IUCN 2007. 2007 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. <>. Downloaded on 05 October 2008.

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