Further characterization of two Artemia populations from northern Greece: biometry, hatching characteristics, caloric content and fatty acid profiles.

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1989
Authors:Abatzopoulos, T. J., Karamanlidis, G., Leger, N., Sorgeloos, P.
Keywords:biometry, caloric content, characterisation, characteristics, fatty acid profiles, hatching, northern Greece, population, populations, βιομετρία, βόρεια Ελλάδα, εκκόλαψη, περιεκτικότητα σε θερμίδες, πληθυσμοί, πληθυσμός, προφίλ λιπαρών οξέων, χαρακτηρισμός, χαρακτηριστικά

Cysts of parthenogenetic Artemia strains collected from the Citros and M. Embolon saltworks in Northern Greece are evaluated for their potential use in aquaculture. The following characterizations were performed: cyst and naupliar biometrics, cyst hatching characteristics, fatty acid profile of the nauplii, caloric content of nauplii stored at 25 °C and in a refrigerator (4–8 °C). The above evaluation reveals that the two Artemia strains studied exhibit good qualities for use in aquaculture, especially in culturing fresh-water species. The biometrical analysis of cysts, nauplii and adults shows a high degree of similarity with other parthenogenetic strains from various geographical sources, but especially with tetraploid Artemia from Spain. The Greek Artemia strains cannot be considered as ‘sources’ for aquacultural uses unless proper management of the saltworks is assured.

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