[Trixagus atticus Reitter and T. minutus Rey, two unrecognized species from western Europe present in France (Coleoptera, Throscidae).] (in French)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:Leseigneur, L.
Journal:Bulletin Mensuel de la Sociιtι Linnιenne de Lyon

Trixagus atticus Reitter, which was described from Greece, has a large distribution. It was recently discovered in several countries of western Europe and in Cyprus. Trixagus minutus Rey, which was synonymized with T. obtusus (Curtis) by all authors is a valid species which belongs to the atticus group. T. ciliaris Rey is kept as synonym of T. obtusus (Curtis). This case of T. pusillus (Heer) is examined but unresolved, the original specimens being missing. Lectotypes of T. minutus and T. ciliaris are designated.

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