A study on the scales and age estimation of the grey golden mullet, Liza aurata (Risso, 1810), in the lagoon of Messolonghi (W. Greece)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:Hotos, G. N.
Journal:Journal of Applied IchthyologyJournal of Applied Ichthyology
Date Published:2003///

A detailed study was made of the scales on the golden grey mullet Liza aurata in the lagoon of Messolonghi (W. Greece), in order to examine the suitability of scales for ageing. From a total of 1048 specimens of 9-59 cm total length (TL), the estimated ages ranged from 0 + to 8 + years, with only females at ages 7 + and 8 +. The scale reading was reliable, the annuli recognizable and each annulus radius easily measured. There was a great overlapping in the annulus radius between the ages 1 + and 4 +, indicative of extended spawning time and differences in growth of yearly recruits. The scale radius (Rmax) was strongly related with TL by the pooled equation: TL = 1.5501 Rmax0.77, with no significant differences between the sexes. From examination of the monthly variation in the distance of the outermost annulus from the scale margin, it was determined that the annulus is formed in February. No annuli were detected in fish of less than 20 cm TL.

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