A study of intraspecific structure of Sabanejewia aurata (Cobitidae) with a description of the new subspecies S. aurata kubanica subsp. nov. [Issledovanie vnutrividovoj struktury Sabanejewia aurata (Cobitidae) s opisaniem novogo podvi

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1988
Authors:Vasileva, E. D., Vasilev, V. P.
Journal:Voprosy IkhtiologiiVoprosy Ikhtiologii

The species independence of S. bulgarica and the polytypy of S. aurata were established on the basis of experimental data and data from the literature on the morphology, ecology, and distribution of S. aurata. Data were presented on the nominative and Aral subspecies of S. a. aralensis and the Black Sea and Aegean Sea populations. The new subspecies S. aurata kubanica from the Kuban River basin, Russian SFSR, USSR, was proposed and described. Comparative data were presented on its size, morphology, and distribution.

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