[On the specimens of Lacerta laevis Gray, 1838 (Sauria: Lacertidae) from North Cyprus.] (in Turkish)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1995
Authors:Budak, A., Gocmen, B.
Journal:Turkish Journal of Zoology
Keywords:KAPE Reptilia

The sixty-seven specimens collected from the north of Girne-Besparmak Mountain Range on the island of Cyprus and the specimens of Lacerta laevis laevis from Anatolia, which have been studied by Budak (1), are examined comparatively for taxonomical features, and the description of the race from Cyprus Island is reviewed. In conclusion. the subspecies of L. l. troodica, which have been described by Werner (2) based on a total of 6 specimens, can not be distinguished from the continental specimens with the diagnostic features given. In distinguishing the two races, we present two different and new characteristics which may point to a difference in species level. The following taxonomic key is proposed for diagnosis: 1. Median gularia number is high (average 25), the scales of gular region very small; parallel "subocular bands" extend below the temporal bands, and below these an orange-red region is present...........L. l. troodica. Median gularia number is less (average 20), gular scales larger; the subocular lines below the temporal bands extend up to the mid-trunk level..........L. l. laevis.

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