Internal classification of the genus Dasytidius Schilsky with descriptions of new species of the subfamily Chaetomalachiinae (Insecta, Coleoptera, Dasytidae).

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:Majer, K.

The species of the genus Dasytidius Schilsky are reviewed, ideas to the internal classification and biogeography of the genus are provided. Fourteen new species are described: chaetomalachius rosti, spec. nov. (N India), Dasytidius brevicornis, spec. nov. (Turkey), D. clarkei, spec. nov. (Ethiopia), D. crassicornis, spec. nov. (Syria), D. endroedyi, spec. nov. (Ghana), D. impar, spec. nov. (Turkey), D. insularis, spec. nov. (Greece: Lesvos), D. malkini, spec. nov. (Turkey), D. marsaleki, spec. nov. (Kyrgyzstan), D. muehlei, spec. nov. (Yemen), D. recticollis, spec. nov. (Syria), D. turnai, spec. nov. (China), Dasytiscus strejcekorum, spec. nov (Armenia), Mimothrix pamirensis, spec. nov., (Tajikistan). The male of D. wittmeri Maier and the female of D. inchoatus Maier are described. Five Dasytiscus-species are transferred to Dasytidius: Dasytidius sudanicus (Pic), comb. nov., D. atrimembris (Pic) comb. nov., D. desaegeri (Pic), comb. nov., D. deportatus (Peyerimhoff), comb. nov, and D. licenti (Pic), comb. nov. Two new synonyms are proposed: Dasytiscus scotti Wittmer, syn. nov. of Dasytidius atrimembris (Pic), Dasytiscus ruficollis var. bicoloriceps Pic, syn. nov. of Dasytiscus minimus J. Sahlberg. A classification of the genus Dasytidius into species group is provided.

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