Age structure and reproductive pattern of Chalcalburnus belvica (Karaman, 1924) in Lake Mikri Prespa (Northwestern Greece).

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1995
Authors:Sinis, A., Petridis, D.
Journal:Israel Journal of ZoologyIsrael Journal of Zoology

Age, growth, and reproduction of Chalcalburnus belvica from Lake Mikri Prespa (NW Greece) were analyzed using scale readings and size frequency histograms. Males aged 1+ and 2+ were dominant in the catches; high mortality at ages 3+ and 4+ precluded their occurrence at older ages. Females always had a higher mean observed length than males of the same age and grew to age 8+. The weight-length relationship was allometric with b coefficients greater than 3 for both sexes. C. belvica matures genitally at age 1+ in both sexes. Reproduction occurs in the lake, in contrast to other fish species of the same genus which migrate to the rivers to reproduce. The reproduction pattern reveals a prolonged spawning period from April to August, with multiple egg sheddings. Von Bertalanffy's growth equation yields a rather low growth rate (k = 0.230) and a relatively high maximum fork length (L-INF = 250 mm).

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