[56th contribution to the knowledge of Coleophoridae. New or scarcely known Coleophoridae of the Greek fauna (Lepidoptera).] (in Italian)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1990
Authors:Baldizzone, G.
Journal:Fragmenta Entomologica

The present paper treats with 49 species of Coleophoridae, among which 27 are new for the Greek fauna, and 20 new for Cyprus, Crete, Rodos and Corfou islands. Coleophora graeca n. sp., which belongs to the C. currucipennella Zeller species-group is described. Moreover, the description of the female genitalia of C. basimaculella Mann, and the larval case of C. lebedella (Falkovitsh) are given the relationship of this latter species with C. puncia Baldizzone, are clarified.

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