[Appearance in Italy of the lignicolous Aphid Pterochloroides persicae, new record, on the trees of the stone fruit family.] (in Italian)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:Ciampolini, M., Martelli, M.
Journal:Bollettino di Zoologia Agraria e di Bachicoltura

In Oct. 1975, an attack on peach trees by an aphid new to the Italian fauna was noted in an orchard at Policoro (Matera) in southeastern Italy: P. persicae (Cholodk.), an insect distributed from the eastern Mediterranean to western India. Cholodkovsky who first described this aphid in 1899 assigned it to Lachnus Burm.; it was subsequently described by other generic names, most recently to Pterochloroides Mordv., belonging to the subfamily Lachninae (Lachnidae). The aphid is large, 3.5-5 mm of opaque brown color, with black spots and with black head siphons. This aphid is regularly found in northern India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkestan, Crimea, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, northern Egypt, Yugoslavia, southern Italy and Sicily.

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