Systematics and evolution of weevils of the genus Bagous. IV. Taxonomic treatment of the species of the western Palearctic Region (Coleoptera Curculionidae).

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:Caldara, R., Brien, C. W. O. '
Journal:Memorie della Societa Entomologica ItalianaMemorie della Societa Entomologica Italiana

On the basis of a taxonomic and phylogenetic analysis of Bagoini at the world level, all known Palearctic genera previously assigned to this tribe are included in the genus Bagous Germar, 1817 and the western Palearctic species of this genus, as herein considered, are assigned to 24 species groups of the same systematic level. Therefore, the following genera and subgenera are placed in synonymy herein with the genus Bagous: Abagous Sharp, 1917; Bagoimorphas Desbrochers, 1906; Dicranthus Motschulsky, 1845 (= Anactodes Brisout, 1863); Ephimeropus Hochhut, 1847 (= Elmidomorphus Cussac, 1851); Fontenellus Hoffmann, 1962; Hydronomus Schonherr, 1826; Lyprus Schonherr, 1826; Memptorrhynchus Iablokoff-Khnzorian, 1960; Parabagous Sharp, 1917 (not Schilsky, 1907); Probagous Sharp, 1917; Bagous subgen. Heterobagous Solari, 1930; Bagous subgen. Parabagous Schilsky, 1907; Bagous subgen. Pseudolyprus Neresheimer & Wagner, 1932. The western Palearctic species of Bagous are treated systematically. Eighty two species are recognized, of which 13 are newly described. These new species are: Bagous anatolicus (Turkey), Bagous belloi (Greece), Bagous cosiensis (Greece), Bagous epirotes (Greece), Bagous freti (Turkey), Bagous lothari (Serbia, Austria), Bagous lyali (Palestine), Bagous macedon (Greece), Bagous meregallii (Turkey), Bagous mucronatus (Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan), Bagous osellai (Turkey), Bagous riedeli (Turkey), and Bagous sabellai (Greece). The following new synonymies of species are proposed: Bagous diglyptus var. alpestris Hoffmann, 1954 = Bagous diglyptus Boheman, 1845: Bagous gandalf Isajev& Gratshev, 1994 = Bagous aliciae Cmoluch, 1983; Bagous haematopus Gyllenhal, 1836 = Bagous argillaceus Gyllenhal, 1836; Bagous hipponensis Pic, 1928 = Bagous guttatus Desbrochers, 1896; Bagous kirschi Reitter, 1884 = Bagous costulatus Perris, 1870; Bagous lateralis Hustache, 1937 = Bagous revelieri Tournier, 1874; Bagous lutulosus var. pueli Hoffmann, 1950 and Bagous lutulosus ssp. emperei Hoffmann, 1950 = Bagous lutulosus (Gyllenhal, 1827); Bagous marginicollis Hustache, 1937 = Bagous limosus (Gyllenhal, 1827); Bagous minutus Mulsant, 1859 and Bagous mulsanti Fauvel, 1885 = Bagous perparvulus Rosenhauer, 1856; Bagous mundanus Boheman, 1845 = Bagous lutulentus (Gyllenhal, 1813); Bagous puncticollis var. wagneri Hoffmann, 1954 = Bagous puncticollis Boheman, 1845; Bagous rudis Sharp, 1917 = Bagous robustus Brisout, 1863; Bagous sahlbergi Schilsky, 1911 = Bagous geniculatus (Hochhut, 1847); Bagous semilunatus Desbrochers, 1895 = Bagous lutulosus (Gyllenhal, 1827); Bagous subcostulatus Desbrochers, 1896 = Bagous septemcostatus Chevrolat, 1860; Bagous syriacus Schilsky, 1907 = Bagous mingrelicus Tournier, 1874; Bagous wagneri Dieckmann, 1964 = Bagous bagdatensis Pic, 1904; Bagoimorphus laticollis Desbrochers, 1906 = Bagous mingrelicus Tournier, 1874; Memptorrhynchus ripicola Iablokoff-Khnzorian, 1960 = Bagous brevipennis Schneider & Leder, 1879. Among the species described from the geographical area considered herein, only Bagous libanicus Schilsky, 1911 remains unknown to us. A key to species, diagnoses of species groups and description, variability, synonymies, notes on type specimens, comparative notes, distribution, biology, habitus photographs and line illustrations of male and female genitalia of each species are provided.

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