Crustaceans distribution pattern on vertical cuffs in the north Aegean (eastern Mediterranean)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2004
Authors:Antoniadou, C.
Journal:Fresenius Environmental BulletinFresenius Environmental Bulletin
Accession Number:ISI:000224087300006
Keywords:Aegean sea, biodiversity, Crustacea, crustacean, fauna, habitat, hard substrate, hard substrate assemblages, infralittoral, macrofauna, marine biodiversity, populations, ports, sea, Thermaikos Gulf

The spatial dispersion of crustaceans as part of the sciaphilic algae community in the northern part of the Aegean Sea was studied. The examination of the collected 1,611 specimens revealed the presence of 60 species. Multivariate analyses showed high similarity between sites, however, four distinct assemblages were recorded in accordance with depth, the habitat complexity defined by the occurrence of different algal forms, the degree of hard substrates' inclination and the water clarity.

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