New data on the family Lichenoporidae Smitt (Bryozoa: Cyclostomida) from the Mediterranean region.

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1994
Authors:Alvarez, J. A.
Journal:Journal of Natural HistoryJournal of Natural History

Three species of the family Lichenoporidae, two of them new to science, are described: Disporella harmeri, D. borgi n. sp. and D. boutani n. sp. Disporella harmeri is distributed in the Adriatic and western Mediterranean, whereas D. borgi is only reported from the western Mediterranean. Disporella boutani is a common species in the Red Sea, where it has been reported as Lichenopora radiata. Finally, general comments are provided on the family Lichenoporidae in the Mediterranean area. While there is an extensive knowledge of the Lichenoporidae fauna in the western Mediterranean, in the eastern Mediterranean and Aegean Sea species belonging to this family have been rarely reported.

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