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Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2007
Authors:Abrahim, A., Soultos, N., Steris, V., Papageorgiou, K.
Journal:Italian Journal of Food ScienceItalian Journal of Food ScienceItalian Journal of Food Science
Type of Article:Article
ISBN Number:1120-1770
Accession Number:WOS:000246786000010
Keywords:Aeromonas spp., environment, fish, FOODS, HYDROPHILA, MILK, PATHOGENS, personnel, PREVALENCE, SEAFOOD, SOBRIA

Samples (fish, personnel and environmental) were collected from retail fish markets in Thessaloniki (Northern Greece) and tested for the presence of Aeromonas spp. They consisted of 120 fish samples representing four types of fish: mackerel, bogue, horse mackerel and whiting. In addition, 20 samples each were taken from the personnel workers' hands, workers' knives, work surfaces, wooden boxes and floor surfaces. Of the fish samples examined 65, 28, 24 and 12% harboured Aeromonas spp., Aeromonas hydrophila, Aeromonas caviae and Aeromonas sobria, respectively. Of the personnel and environmental samples examined, 69, 25, 26, and 13% harboured Aeromonas spp., A. hydrophila, A. caviae and A. sobria, respectively. A. hydrophila and A. caviae were the dominant species detected in the fish, personnel and environmental samples.

Short Title:Ital. J. Food Sci.Ital. J. Food Sci.
Alternate Journal:Ital. J. Food Sci.
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