Ernδhrungsgewohnheiten des zyprischen Mufflons Ovis gmelini ophion.(Food habits of the Cyprus mouflon Ovis gmelini ophion.)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:Hadjisterkotis, E.
Journal:Zeitschrift fόr Jagdwissenschaft

The Cyprus mouflon Ovis gmelini ophion is an endangered species of wild sheep found in the Paphos forest of Cyprus, a mountainous area dominated by pine (Pinus brutia) and golden oak (Quercus alnifolia). Its food habits were studied by observing feeding animals and by analyzing rumens from two main habitat types, at the center of the Paphos forest and at the forest-agriculture interface. Proportionally more woody material and fruit were found in the diet of the forest-dwelling animals than in that of those at the forest-agriculture interface (forest edge). Mouflon fed on fruit during fall and winter, and for the first time fruit is reported as a considerable item in the diet of the Cyprus mouflon. During spring and summer mouflon fed mainly on grasses and forbs. In spring a larger quantity of tree leaves were eaten, particularly in April when they were just sprouting.

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