Zoogeography and host plants of Longitarsus in Israel with descriptions of 6 new species (Coleoptera Chrysomelidae).

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:Furth, D. G.
Journal:Israel Journal of Entomology

There are 42 spp. of Longitarsus recorded from Israel. For the known species, previously recorded and new distributional and host plant data are listed; zoogeographical affinities and predictions are also given. There are 18 spp. recorded in Israel for the 1st time L. albus (Allard), L. alfierii (Pic), L. ballotae (Marshaur), L. bertii (Leonardi), L. dimidiatus (Allard seusu Doguet), L. eminus (Warchalowski), L. gracilis (Kutschera), L. karlheinzi (Warchalowski), L. lateripunctatus (Rosenhauer), L. melanocephalus (De Geer), L. mirei (Doguet), L. nanus (Foudras), L. suturalis (Marsham), L. tabidus (Fabricius), L. tunetanus (Csiki), L. membranaceus (Foudras), L. rectilineatis (Foudras) and L. succineus (Foudras), and new records from Iran, Cyprus Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. Three new synonymies established are: L. klapperichi Mohr (= L. alfierii Pic); L. syriacus (Allard) (= L. luridus (Scopoli)); L. spilotus Weise (= L. rectilineatus (Foudras)). Many new host plant records are given, including records for 8 spp. with previously unknown hosts. Six new species described are: L. allotrophus; L. bytinskii; L. eminatus; L. hermonensis; L. nigrilividus; L nimrodi.

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