[Turkish Clausiliidae, I: New species taxa of the genus Albinaria Vest in Southern Anatolia (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora).] (in German)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1993
Authors:Nordsieck, H.
Journal:Stuttgarter Beitrδge zur Naturkunde. Serie A (Biologie)
Keywords:Mollusca Gastropoda

In the first paper of a series of publications concerning Turkish clausiliids the results of an investigation of the Albinaria species of southern Anatolia are published. The species are diagnosed, their ranges, as far as known, are specified, and their subspecies and synonyms are given. Besides, the Albinaria fauna of southern Anatolia is compared with that of the neighbouring regions of the eastern Mediterranean, and the distributional relations of the species in southern Anatolia are discussed. In chapter 5. the following taxa are described as new: Albinaria kemerensis n. sp., A. lycica n. sp., A. myrensis n. sp., A. papillifera n. sp., A. pellucida n. sp., A. percristata n. sp., A. forbesiana boettgeri n. subsp., A. inauris costicollis n. subsp., A. lycica phaselis n. subsp., A. papillifera cilicica n. subsp., A. p. menkhorsti n. subsp., A. percristata neuberti n. subsp., A. p. vallicola n. subsp., A. p. violae n. subsp., A. schuetti costulifera n. subsp., A. s. montana n. subsp., and A. s. regularis n. subsp. from southern Anatolia, and A. alajana cypria n. subsp. from northern Cyprus.

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