[On the taxonomy of the Cyprus mouflon Ovis ammon ophion.] (in German)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1979
Authors:Nobis, G.
Journal:Zeitschrift fόr Sδugetierkunde
Keywords:KAPE Mammalia

A 1970 paper by J. L. Van Haaften in which he designated the mediterranean mouflon as O. a. orientalis var. Cyprus was reviewed. The wild sheep of the genus Ovis should be subdivided into 2 taxa: O. ammon Linne 1758 for the animals found from central Asia to Europe, and O. canadensis Shaw 1804 for the northeast Asian and North American wild sheep. Within the Eurasian taxonomic sphere one should look for the taxonomic name of the Cryprus mouflon O. a. ophion Blyth 1841, a designation offered also by Bannikow and Heptner (1968), as the name O. a. orientalis has already been preempted.

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