[On the Speciment of Mabuya vittata (Banded Lizard) (Sauria: Scincidae) from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus] (in Turkish)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1999
Authors:Tok, C. V., Gocmen, B., Mermer, A.
Journal:Turkish Journal of Zoology
Date Published:1999
Keywords:Kape morfology

In this study, Mabuya vittata specimens from Northern Cyprus was examined in terms of morphological characteristics in detail with abundant amount of material (19 male, 9 female, 4 juvenile). Moreover, the biological and ecological features of the species were described. The results were compared with the results of previous researches(14,16,17), working on the Anatolian population of the species. In spite no difference was determined in the spesific rank, between the Cypriote and Anatolian populations, the dark blackish-gray colouration in palms and the higher presence of vertebral stribe were detected in the Cypriote population. In addition, the morphometric values of head, tail and hind extremities were found higher than that of Anatolian population when above-mentioned characters were calculated to length of head + body.

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