[Revision of the Anoxia Castelnau from Europe and Asia 1. Subgenus Protanoxia Medvedev (Coleoptera Melolonthidae).] (in French)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Authors:Baraud, J.
Journal:Bulletin de la Sociιtι Entomologique de France

A review of the genus Anoxia Castelnau is undertaken for the European and Asian species. In this first note, the genus and its subgenus are presented. The six species of the subgenus Protanoxia Anoxia orientalis, A. cingulata, A. cypria sp. nov., A. smyrnensis, A. ciliciensis sp. nov., and A. laevimaculata Medvedev, two of which were still unknown, are described and discriminated by means of their external morphology and the aedeagus, which are figured. Two keys are proposed for males and females.

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