Gametic products and allozyme variation of brown trout (Salmo trutta) in Louros river (NW Greece)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2001
Authors:Paschos, Y., Kagalou, I., Apostolidis, A. P., Triantaphyllidis, C.
Date Published:2001///
Keywords:Allozyme variation, fecundity, Gametic products, Pisces, Salmo trutta

The gametic products (eggs and sperm) and characteristics of female and male brown trout breeders from Louros river were studied. The relationships between the gametic products and body length-weight as well as the degree of enzyme polymorphism of the same population were investigated. Female breeders produced about 2,441 eggs. kg-1. The egg diameter ranged from 0.30.5 cm. The number and size of eggs depended on the total length and weight of female breeder's body. Male breeders produced 1.37 mL sperm/male, the sperm density was 6.37 ? 109 spermatozoa/ml sperm, while spermatozoa were active about 38.5 s. Three loci (sAAT-4*, LDH-A1* and MEP-2*) were polymorphic. The average heterozygosity was 0.041. The possible relationships of these loci with the examined parameters are discussed.

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