Habitat Utilization and Activity Patterns of an Isolated Population of Fallow Dear (Dama dama) on the Island of Limnos, North-Eastern Aegean

Publication Type:Conference Paper
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:Migli, D., Youlatos, D.
Conference Name:10th International Congress on the Zoogeography and Ecology of Greece and Adjacent Regions
Date Published:26-30 June
Publisher:Hellenic Zoological Society, Hellenic Ornithological Society, Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development, Section of Animal Biology (Dept. Of Biology, Univ. of Patras)
Conference Location:Patras
Keywords:Dama dama, dama, Aegean, dear, Fallow, habitat, Island, Limnos, use, utilization, Αιγαίο, ελάφια, ενδιαίτημα, Λήμνος, νησί, πλατώνι
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