Caretta caretta

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Caretta caretta (Linnaeus, 1758)
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The Loggerhead sea turtle is a migratory species with a global distribution, frequenting mainly temperate and subtropical latitudes, as well as open and coastal waters. Loggerhead populations in the Mediterranean exhibit a certain degree of genetic isolation from the Atlantic populations, from which they have originated. Nesting in the Mediterranean occurs in the eastern basin and averages 5,000 nests/year, of which Greece hosts about 60%. Of the nests that occur in Greece (3,000/year), 43% are located in Laganas Bay (Zakynthos) and 19% in Kyparissia Bay. Other major nesting areas are Lakonikos Bay and two areas on Crete (Rethymno and Chania).

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1δ. Αγγλικό κοινό όνομα: 
Loggerhead sea turtle
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